LuAnne Lee, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

I love open spaces.
Spaces, places and minds.

I vigilantly strive to maintain one myself – in my own Life Walk and interactions with whomever is in my care.

I welcome your perfect self and dedicate the treatment I provide to enabling you to reach your potential of comfort and wellness.nd manual lymph drainage.

I’m curious about people. All aspects. Their lives, passions, ambitions… and most importantly, how they (you) feel. Are you comfortable in “you”?

Even if I don’t voice it, my question is always “How can I increase your comfort and ease, using the tool set I have?”. Even if it is just a smile.

Observe, always.

As a sensitive person I can’t help but constantly watch and experience. It just happens, and I am okay with that.

It serves me as it gifts my intuition with feedback and guidance, making my professional role feel easy, natural and fluid – and always different, because you are different, have organically changed every time you see me.

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