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Cindy Ma

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner/acupuncturist

Coming from a family rooted in acupuncture, Cindy has been developing her passion for TCM for over 10 years now. During this time, she has been extensively studying and practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbs in North America. Out of school, she also receives mentorship from worldwide experienced teachers. Cindy is currently registered as an active TCM Practitioner (R. Ac., & R. TCM. H.) with CTCMA. She is practicing with other health care professionals and western doctors.

 As a passionate healer, she combined ancient acupuncture with seasonal yoga, natural herbs and food nutrition suggestions. It is totally a natural healing way for your body, mind and spirit. Her treatment includes acupuncture (head, face, body), cupping, scraping, ear seeds etc. Her technical feature is classic acupuncture – no pain needling with vitality for all kinds of pains and chronic diseases. She opens the blockages of your body, strengthens your energy, reinforces your immune system and recovers your body circulation.

 She works with patients who want to actively maintain their own health getting rid of the office syndromes. She treats women struggling with emotional issues from daily life. She also treats patients with injuries from sports and motor accidents. Cindy treats a variety of health concerns, as approved over 50 conditions by the World Health Organization.

 At the current special moment, she would like to accept people who want to prevent from Covid-19 and recover from Covid-19 sequelae.

 She loves helping people and having fun with life. She enjoys nature, arts, fashion, reading, hiking, ethnic dancing and cooking. She also likes world philosophy, spiritual and science exploration. She is looking forward to meeting you!

 She accepts cash, e-transfer, debit, Visa, MC and Amex. Direct billing is only for Blue Cross.

Patient Testimonials

“Had great experience with acupuncture Cindy Ma, she is very professional and very helpful. The first time I went to see her I had an issue with my neck such that I can’t turn my head. It was really painful. After an hour with her, I come out with significant improvement in my neck range of motion and my neck was pretty much back to normal next day. Highly recommended.” – Edwina G

 “I went to see Cindy Ma at the referral of a colleague who has great praises about her. It was absolutely accurate. Cindy ask pertinent questions and is extremely conscientious of my situation. I can feel that she takes great length to understand my problem. I never felt better after the treatment.” – Julie T 

“Dr. Ma (or Cindy) is so patient-centred! She kindly ensured that I have a good client experience before, during, and after acupuncture treatments. I felt understood and attended to. Not only does she have a good sense of humour, she has a good heart.  For example, one time, I missed a meal and she gave her just-bought fresh cinnamon bun to me so that I won’t go hungry. Cindy worked really hard to offer me the best possible customer service and holistic advice so I’m glad to keep seeing her! Electra has a great team and she is a good team player. Thank you.” – Jenny T 

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