4 Myths and Misconceptions About PRP Therapy

Misconceptions About PRP Therapy

Given the many different conditions that cause pain in others, people are always looking for safe and effective methods to heal right away. One of these procedures is platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP therapy, which uses your body’s self-healing abilities to hasten the healing process and reduce pain. Even though the procedure contains little to no risks, it is still surrounded by many myths and misconceptions that cause people to avoid it entirely, denying themselves access to treatment that can improve their situations.

It’s always important to know the truths behind everything to make a well-informed decision about it, primarily when providing safe, affordable treatment. Here are four of the common myths about PRP therapy and the truths behind them:

– PRP Isn’t a Safe Procedure

Many people are understandably reluctant about trying procedures that they haven’t heard much about, whether from the media or their friends. However, PRP is an incredibly safe procedure since it uses your own blood to treat you. That means you won’t have to worry about adverse reactions or harmful side effects, as you won’t be introducing foreign material into your body.

Additionally, many medical experts deem PRP injection safe because it’s been used for several years without major complications and that it’s autologous. The Journal of Spine Surgery published a study in March 2018 that described the results of administering PRP to patients to relieve their lower back pain and found it incredibly safe. The patients experienced no complications or side effects while enjoying a massive improvement in their back pain.

– Only People With Cosmetic Issues Can Benefit From PRP

Many people pursue PRP hair treatment in Vancouver to treat hair loss issues. Others use PRP injections to restore a youthful appearance to their faces. Still, many people mistakenly believe that cosmetic problems are the only ways PRP can help, but the procedure can relieve pain in many health conditions.

For example, PRP is often used in orthopedics to treat ligament and tendon ruptures, rotator cuff tears, and the whole spectrum of soft tissue injuries. It can also improve bone regeneration and healing in patients who underwent dental surgery. PRP can even help accelerate the recovery process in slow-healing wounds like diabetic foot ulcers.

– Undergoing PRP Therapy Includes Surgery

While PRP treatment involves blood, it never involves surgery. It often comes in PRP injections for most medical uses while using real-time imaging to steer the needle to the precise healing site of injured tissues. For cosmetic purposes, PRP uses microneedling since it facilitates the entry of the blood into the skin.

Surgeons usually apply PRP at the surgical area to promote healing, although they don’t require surgery to carry this out specifically. Still, surgery is required to effectively heal and repair musculoskeletal conditions, so surgery and PRP treatment may come in tandem.

– PRP Therapy Is Only Meant to Relieve Pain

While PRP therapy has many pain-relieving benefits, it also stimulates many other body processes that accelerate healing. For instance, it encourages new tissue production, promotes new blood vessel growth, and halts healthy tissues’ deterioration. It also directs stem cells to an area and controls inflammation. When put together, they all speed up tissue regeneration and healing while relieving pain, which helps slow-healing wounds and tissues. It’s also ideal for injuries that overburden your body’s natural healing ability.


PRP therapy is a wonderful treatment that everyone can use to help treat a wide range of conditions, from chronic back pain to diabetic foot ulcers. Knowing the truth behind these myths and misconceptions assures people that pursuing PRP injections or treatment for hair loss is completely safe, giving them access to effective procedures without side effects.

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