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LuAnne Lee, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

LuAnne has been an accredited RMT for twelve years. Why? To fulfill a passionate curiosity from birth of anatomy, physiology and alternative modalities of caring for various physical conditions and needs.

She loves the challenge of combining her evidence based medical knowledge with an intuitive “knowing with her hands”. This combination creates and facilitates a journey for you to a safe place where your body heals and rebalances. During the journey, she manipulates tissues, bones, nervous and visceral systems, craniosacral fluid and the fascia that surrounds and affects every part of your body. (This is language for what is typically described as “Trigger-Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilizations, Neuromuscular Techniques, etc.)

As LuAnne works, your body realizes the balance it seeks and accepts the healing we all need. She strives to provide only the optimum of “crafted care” for each individual need and has experience with a wide spectrum of conditions/needs – from prenatal care to the “office warrior” to competitive athletes…welcome!!

An athlete herself,  LuAnne has faced numerous physical “set/backs”, challenges and “resets”. She thus has an innate empathy (and professional ability) to provide support as you walk through your own experiences. She is committed to always being there and authentically present for you.

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