Addiction Services in Vancouver BC

Fighting over an addiction takes a lot of your body. It is not just a mental fight, but you have to build yourself physically too. 

We at Sinclair Wellness have programs that will support you with curbing these cravings and reduce relapses, check for quick information below.

Addiction Neuro Recovery Program

Many people facing addiction issues end up relapsing. With the Neuro Recovery Program, we aim to successfully end the cycle of addiction. This program includes:

  • Initial 1-hour consultation + 2nd 1-hour consultation (self or family) + Advocacy research planning (30 min)
  • Basic laboratory testing included
  • Ten x 15-minute check-ins (during treatment)
  • Supplemental regime and 30 days supplements included
  • All the emails (questions) you need to be answered included
  • Ten days of treatment
  • Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Coaching (Option B) four x 45-min sessions. (scheduled within two months)

Brain Restoration Program

Brain Restoration is a program that helps to reduce the duration and agonies of detoxification, concentrates and even eliminates cravings. It restores a state of clarity and wellbeing that even helps in aftercare.

  • Initial 1-hour consultation
  • Basic laboratory testing included
  • Five x 15-minute check-ins (during treatment)
  • Five days of treatment
  • Supplements regime and 30 days supplements included
  • All questions/emails you have included
  • Naturopathic Addiction Recovery Coaching (Option B) four x 30-min sessions (scheduled within two months)

If you feel you need to make the right move and are interested in any of the above-mentioned programs, contact the clinic for in-depth knowledge.

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