Sofia Mantovani

Sofia Mantovani, Osteopath


I am Brazilian and I have been living in Vancouver for the last 5 years. My firstgraduation was in physiotherapy and I was always fascinated by pelvicphysiotherapy and sexual dysfunctions, in which I, later, got my specialization.My studies allowed me to see how the body works in its complexity and myspecialization put me in contact with the universe of pregnancy, which I loveand I have been working since 2010.

But I was not satisfied. I studied another 5 years and graduated in Osteopathyand Pediatric Osteopathy from the Madri School of Osteopathy. I learned fromthe teachings of the creator of Osteopathy, Andrew T. Still, some philosophicalprinciples. Some of them are: 1) “The unity of the human body”. If one of itssystems is not working properly, this will cause the others to suffer; 2) “Thestructure governs the function”. What does not have its proper movement isnot correctly employing its function; and 3) “Find it, fix it, and leave it alone”.Believe in the power of self-healing, because “the body has a natural ability toself-regulate and self-heal”.

As an Osteopath or as a Doula, I care for all my patients having the Osteopathyphilosophy as the base. My goal is to intervene the least possible and leave thebody to act in its maximum capacity to heal itself.”


Sofia combines a variety of modalities into his treatments which can include:

  • Osteopath Manual Therapy- Adults (65 min)
  • Subsequent visits (55 min)
  • Osteopath Manual Therapy- Babies and Children (55 min)

An osteopath is a healthcare professional who practices osteopathy, a form of alternative medicine focused on the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions through manual techniques, such as stretching, moving, and massaging a person’s muscles and joints


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